Hypotenuse AI's Tenets

Tenet a principle or belief held by members of an organization, movement or profession.

Tenets are our way of defining the elusive meaning behind "company culture". They are essential as we scale, and guide us in the way we work, interact and make decisions in Hypotenuse.

Work hard. Have fun. Build the future.

The only way start-ups like us beat giants is through speed. Speed only comes with hard work and focus. Stay disciplined and work rigorously, but also, do it in style — have fun.

Be Formidable.

Joining Hypotenuse is about becoming the 007 version of yourself. What we do isn't easy, but we aren't daunted; we don't take impossible as an answer.

Speed Wins.

As a start-up, speed is paramount. Bias yourself towards action and execution rather than indecision. We'd rather be wrong and grow than be laden with inaction.

Obsess about the Customer.

We're focused on creating happy customers. Understand their needs, problems, and drive towards building a five-star service and experience they want.

Transparency & Trust.

We're transparent with disagreements during decision making, whilst giving our best behind decisions made. We respect teammates, are open, and give honest constructive feedback.

Take Full Ownership.

Never treat our jobs as a checklist or a one and done. We outwork our potential and are never content with just "getting the job done". We find ways to create higher levels of value, but are always ready to get our hands dirty ourselves.