Software Engineer (Full Stack)

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Job Description

Joining a fast growing start-up isn't like taking a 9 to 5 role in a big company — the impact, learnings and growth here are magnitudes higher, but so is the pace.

In this role, you will:

  • Build entirely new features, applications and designs, sometimes from scratch, while also scaling up our existing platforms — our tech stack includes {React, Typescript, Python, FastAPI, AWS...}
  • Thread across frontend and backend, system architecture design, databases, algorithms & data science, and DevOps
  • Balance speed and scale, while keeping in mind the sensibilities to create a high quality user experience
  • Work extremely closely with the founding team and our customers (often cross functionally, and at times putting on a product manager hat) to iterate quickly and build new features.

We move quickly and deploy frequently (every few days). We thrive on speed, coupled with a whole lot of new technology—no one comes in with all the answers, and that's ok. But it means that you need to have a constant hunger for learning and growing—very quickly. Here, your rate of growth matters a lot more than your credentials.


We’re looking for people with a constant hunger.

People who place learning, growth and impact at the centre of their lives. People who obsess over their code; who can't stop thinking about solving challenging problems, and people who just won't give up.

Not all of these are strict requirements, but experience and a strong foundation in some of the following will help a long way:

  • You've designed and built backend architectures (i.e. experience with AWS or GCP, designing APIs, components, databases etc..)
  • You're familiar with software engineering best practices — testing, deployments, agile & sprints, OOP etc.. — and have worked with large codebases before
  • Understanding of algorithms/data structures and computer science fundamentals
  • Experience with web frameworks — both on the client-side (e.g. React, Angular, Vue, ..) and server side (e.g. Flask / FastAPI / Django)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • High adaptability, strong problem-solving skills and ability to handle ambiguity
  • UX design sensibility and a drive to build great products for users
  • At least 2 years of software engineering experience, or equivalent

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